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Ventilated Cladding

This web-site was designed deliberately to offer / supply :

   - theoretical, technical and constructive data about ventilated cladding

   - an information source for project engineers / designers, investors and beneficiaries

   - who are interested a way of communication to carry out their works


As practical illustration the presentation is based on 2 groups of modern products, for cladding and for its fixing:

Cladding material HPL TRESPA panels, for their resistance characteristics and their wide range of colours continuously up-to-date to architectural requests
Cladding Fixing Systems EUROFOX Systems for their extremely adaptability to cladding materials and stereotomies provided by project architects


HPL TRESPA panels are manufactured for applications of :

Exterior > Trespa Meteon ( Satin, Rock, Metallics, Gloss )
Interior > Trespa Virtuon and Trespa Athlon
LABORATORY > Trespa Toplab

The web-site contains a large presentation for external applications and an introduction for those internal.

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EUROFOX fixing systems are used for all usefull cladding materials HPL, ceramic, compound aluminium, metal ( metal plate ), clay-tile, natural stone, glass ...

Depending on choice of material, foreseen stereotomy or other special requests of work theme the systems may be verticals, horizontals or combined and the material fixing on thr support parts of system may be visible or unvisible ( concealed )

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